Blueprint Learning
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Our Principles 

We are educators seeking to further literacy oral and written expression through the Orton-Gillingham Approach to Educators, Administration and to the student who struggles to read.

While listening, seeing and speaking are natural to each of us at birth, we know that reading and writing are inventions and therefore must be learned. We believe at Blueprint Learning that this invention is for everyone and seek to make it possible for those who desire it.

Our approach is driven by these principles:

1. Multisensory (visual, auditory, kinesthetic, tactile) simultaneous teaching of reading, spelling and writing

2. Direct explicit instruction of skills

3. Structured, sequential, cumulative, flexible and logical presentation of skills

   -> systematic and routine

   -> one concept at a time

   -> skill development from most frequent to least frequent

   -> known to unknown

   -> simple to complex

   -> concrete to abstract

   -> spiral back review

4. Individualized for each learner

5. Lessons designed for student success

6. Diagnostic - prescriptive teaching

7. Synthetic/Analytic approach to words

8. Automaticity at all levels of reading, handwriting and spelling

9. Application of taught skills to reading and written expression

10. Cognitive approach to language structure

11. Emotionally sound

12. Reliance of teacher knowledge of student profile and the ability to individualize instruction