Blueprint Learning
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Who Do We Serve?

We welcome students from Kindergarten through High School.  Our clients come from private and public schools along the shoreline as well as home schooled students.  Blueprint Learning has served students and school systems from Greenwhich to East Haddam.  We have served students and families outside of the state of Connecticut in Vermont, Massachusettes, New Hampshire and New York and as far south as Maryland and Virginia.

Characteristics of the Potential client: 

Strengths: Intelligent, Inventive, Artistic, Musical, Creative, Dramatic, Athletic, Inquisitive, Curious, Imaginative, Humorous, Energetic

Difficulties: Reading, Spelling, Writing, Organization, Managing time, Completing assignments, Sequencing, Spoken language, Pronouncing words, Discriminating sounds, Learning new vocabulary, Following directions, Reversing or Omitting letters and words, Reading comprehension, Attention issues, Distractiblity, Completing tasks, Restless, Memory issues, Handwriting, Accepting new routine, Easily frustrated, Interpreting nonverbal skills, Low self esteem 

NOTE:  All children struggle with one or more of these behaviors from time to time.  However, if your child struggles with several of these behaviors it may indicate that there is a need for a professional assessment from a qualified instructor and professional from Blueprint Learning.


Potential clients of the Past

You may recognize most of these persons if not all of them.  Each of them struggled in their school careers, however, they became individuals of great influence.  Had Blueprint Learning been available we likely would have been able to help some of these individuals when they were school age.

Thomas Edison, Hans Christian Anderson, Agatha Christie, Leonardo Da Vinci, Whoopi Goldberg, Danny Glover, John F. Kennedy, Henry Winkler, Bruce Jenner, Magic Johnson, Greg Louganis, Tom Cruise, Winston Churchill, Woodrow Wilson and Thurgood Marshall are just some of the many people who struggled learning to read, write and spell.